Eco-Friendly Cleaning

When hiring a cleaning service, have you ever asked about the products they use? Some people here in Maryland don’t mind at all which products are used to clean, and others only want green, eco-friendly products used in their home. There are several options for house cleaning Clarksburg, and if you’re looking for eco-friendly cleaning solutions, you just have to ask.

The amount of chemicals in normal cleaning products that get flushed down the drain or that go down the sink is enormous. That, combined with toilet paper, cigarette butts, dirty water, and more leads to a lot of contamination, especially if chemical disinfectants are used. These are especially dangerous to marine life. Thus, every day the number of home cleaning services that offer 100% eco-friendly cleaning is going up in Europe, and all over the world.

These services use methods like steam cleaning and high temperatures, combined with eco-friendly products, to clean and disinfect surfaces. They use techniques that don’t require the use of a vacuum, microfiber cloths, and more.

Some use all natural products like baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lemon juice.

Instead of using ammonia to clean windows, you can use lemon juice and water. You could also try rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. Older cleaning tips include using newspapers to clean the mirror – but that isn’t so green if you have to throw it away afterwards.

Furniture polish is also a big one that is full of chemicals. Instead, try mixing olive oil with lemon juice. Not only will it shine, but it will smell good, too.

For getting rid of toxic paint smells, you can use small dishes full of vinegar. Leave them dispersed throughout the room you’ve been painting, and they will absorb the small. You can leave them for a bit, and the small will go away.